Hi! I'm Sarah. I'm a yogi, a swing-dancer, and a sometimes writer. I teach, I read, I twirl my hair.

As a 200-RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), I'm available for classes large and small, long and short. Primarily, I'm interested in teaching yoga in non-studio spaces. I value yoga studios for their specialization of space, and frequent them as a student. Someday I'll own one. For the moment, I like to teach yoga where yoga doesn't usually exist: office spaces, work sites, community centers, residential facilities, faculty lounges, the list goes on.

The challenge of teaching in a space not specially designated for yoga can be frustrating, but with that frustration comes growth, both in my students and in myself. After all, I practice yoga as a lifestyle, not as a workout. The more I can incorporate yoga into others' everyday lives, the better I can communicate what yoga is "all about."

So what's yoga all about for me? To me, yoga is a way to understand the world and particularly to understand how I, as a human, operate inside it. In myself and in the universe, there is a physical sphere, an energetic sphere, a spiritual sphere, and more that constantly interact. My study of yoga (for indeed, it's a life-long learning process) helps me understand those interactions and see the threads of connection between the many aspects of myself and between myself and every other thing in the world. . . . except spiders. I'm in no way connected to spiders.

Why "Hep Cat Cow"?

Along with yoga, I'm a swing-dancer. So I definitely bring hep cat pizzazz to my life, which undoubtedly shows when I'm teaching all those cat-cows. If you or your group would like swing dance lessons, just hit me up!

Contact me at: saraherdlen (at) gmail (dot) com