Saturday, May 11, 2013


I am not a patient person.

This isn't news, even for this fledgling blog. But I'm once again at the point where I have exciting, great things ahead of me. . . and WORK to do before they get here. UGH. If I decide I'm ready for the next life event, whatever it might be, why can't it just ARRIVE already? I would like change to happen immediately, not after three or four months of more miserable work. 

I'm currently on the precipice of a long, hard summer so that I can reach a few goals in the fall (financial, career, and travel). I don't even what to share my goals broadly yet (remember about keeping the good things close?) because I can feel the tiny seed of chickening out in my brain. What if I don't take a second job? Do I really want all that stuff later? Isn't that reserved for cooler, hipper, different people? Ones who live in sunny places, bigger cities? Do you really want to be working hard at two jobs again? For months? Cleaning up after other people, having someone else set your schedule, working long after you'd rather be asleep? 

. . .sigh. Hard work, here I come. Practicing my visualizations for when work sucks. And.. . 


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