Monday, October 8, 2012

Out of It

I like to consider myself a young, hip person. In fact, Young and Hip even became my nickname at my last job. So when I find out through casual internet browsing that I'm so far Out of It as to never be mistaken for hip, and certainly betray my particular age (please don't be upset, my dearest readers who are older than I. I'm not trying to call myself old), it's unsettling.

As I breeze through Pinterest in the interest of procrastinating, or scan Twitter in hopes of cracking the secret of that infernal platform, I keep happening upon blogs and websites I feel I should have known about. Blogs that are about or directed toward exactly the target audience I hope to reach.

Far from betraying my age by my degree of technological and pop culture unfamiliarity, I'm only betraying my sad work ethic that finds a dream and maybe, kinda, sorta inches towards it. My role models usually have a great work ethic- they are the people so passionate that they work themselves to the bone for a dream, only to collapse in exhaustion months or years later to look back at all they've accomplished and then dive right back in.

While I, as I've stated before, will sacrifice any measure of future security for the sake of a pleasant day. And in pursuit of benign, unchallenging pleasure, I find myself completely Out of It.

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