Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Beginning, Again

Oh hey there, delightful audience. So nice of you to stick around. For a summer project, this blog certainly didn't go far over the summer. Thank two cross-country trips and a month of working three jobs for my absence.

As August melts away, my skin tingles in anticipation of crisp, September air. Autumn lacks January's notoriety for resolutions and spring's ancient association with beginnings, but fall always makes me long for something new. You can attribute it to sixteen years of following a school calendar, but I prefer more poetic causes: fresh, bright air, changing leaves, the fleeting-ness of the season. I love trying to capture and absorb as much autumn as I can- it never seems to last long. I envelope myself in the air, feeling the earth getting ready to settle in for winter. Sure, spring has its tiny beginning blossoms and that first hint of green all around. But late spring and summer have heady scents that catch new endeavors, spinning them out of control, getting them drunk on all that sun. Fall has the right combination of furtive  preparation and flagrant presentation.

So I'm beginning again, doing my best to shake free of dead weight and capture more color. I'm ready for big things, impatient with the day-to-day, the slow placement of each puzzle piece. If I keep making changes through the fall, perhaps by winter they'll be ready to snowball.


  1. Much more than January, fall also feels to me like the best time to make new resolutions toward new aspirations, Sarah. I'm with you! Onward!

    1. Thanks, Kels! Who's ready for tackling big things while digesting Christmas cookies and snuggling on a snowy weekend? No one. The Roman calendar screwed us over that way. Hope the Russians are treating you well! xoxo