Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Time Out

I'm amidst a busy week of prepping for travel, as we leave on Friday to drive back to PA for a week- hence, the missing Monday post. Bear with me.

Once again, I'm applying for jobs, which I hate to do. (See archives for cover letter rant.) As I wade through full-time job postings and keep my ears perked for part-time openings, I'm stuck in a quandary: where is the boundary between wasting time and "putting your time in"?

I hate wasting my time (In a cosmic, life sense. In an everyday sense, facebook and pinterest can attest to my time-wasting skills). When I look for jobs, I want a job that will help me in some tangible way. For the most part, I don't need the "well, at least now you know you don't like it" jobs. I know what I don't like. While it's difficult to judge a position from its posting, I will be frustrated and annoyed if, come August, I'm stuck once again accepting the first offer I get out of desperation. I don't want to simply fill my time for the sake of a paycheck. I want a job with direction.

On the other hand, I know that to an extent I need to "put my time in" doing the drudge work. I don't believe in this principle one hundred percent, because I'm pretty sure creative and hard-working people can make opportunities happen for themselves without spending unfulfilled years making copies. I know that in many career fields, it's important to work your way up from entry level. It both garners respect and allows you to learn more aspects of your industry and your organization. I'm perfectly willing to learn and grow through experience this way.

So where's the line? How do I tell the difference between wasting my time and putting my time in? I'm an impatient person, and I'd like to figure this out NOW.

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